28.05.2017 / Redmeer

GEFORCE CUP 2017: Space Soldiers advance to the finals

After a fierce fight, the Turkish powerhouse of Space Soldiers manages to beat Swedish opponents and advance to the finals of the GEFORCE CUP 2017.

Space Soldiers, who were to open the second day of the GEFORCE CUP 2017, are doubtlessly more experienced than their Swedish counterparts. The Scandinavians were not expected to get this far in the tournament, yet they proved their worth and performed.

Surprisingly, it was the Gatekeepers who started the first map with an edge, however the Turkish side quickly recovered. Both teams fought fiercely, but in the end of the first half the Space Soldiers gained a distinctive advantage. They kept their momentum after switching sides and beat the Swedes in a convincing fashion.

The last map of the series started with the Scandinavians once again dominating the early phases of the game, yet their winning streak did not last as long. Space Soldiers quickly recouped and began to control the flow of the match. Although the Gatekeepers put up a fight and almost made the comeback happen, the Turks did not lose their cool and held strong, advancing to the Grand Final of the GEFORCE CUP 2017.