28.05.2017 / Redmeer

GEFORCE CUP 2017 FINALS - Day 1 recap

The first day of GEFORCE CUP 2017, during which 4 quarterfinals matches were played, has concluded. Half of the of teams were eliminated and the rest will fight for the trophy and the $30 0000 prizepool on Sunday.

 PENTA Sports 0:2 Gatekeepers (14:16; 5:16)

The opening match was a clash between German powerhouse PENTA Sports and a Swedish mix playing under the organisation of Gatekeepers. After multiple clutch situations, turns of tides and moments of hesitation, the Scandinavian formation came out ahead. The European squad seemed to be shaken by the loss on the first map and did not perform to their standards in map two.


 Space Soldiers 2:0 Imperial (16:6; 16:11)

In the next match we have had Space Soldiers, the famous Turkish squad, take upon Bulgarians from Imperial. Xantares and his teammates were predicted to breeze past the opponents, but the result of the first map was truly stunning. They exceeded the expectations and carried the momentum on to the second map despite Imperial’s best efforts.


 Team Kinguin 2:0 Outlaws (16:10; 16:12)

The third match was probably the most important for the local fans, as Polish powerhouse - Team Kinguin played. Their opponents, Outlaws from Bulgaria, were struck by health issues with one of their players and had to field their coach. The match came down to a few clutch situations in which the Poles had an edge. Despite Outlaws’ very strong performance it was the Centennial Hall’s favourites, who won the match.


 Red Reserve 2:0 fnatic Academy (16:6; 16:6)

The last of the quarterfinal matches had two Swedish formations face off against each other. The Scandinavian duel featured one of the biggest stars of CS:GO - Mikail ‘Maikelele’ Bill, who played as a substitute on Red Reserve. Their opponents, Fnatic Academy were seen as a very strong contender, but they have not met the expectations. Red Reserve was able to quickly dispatch of the opposing team, losing barely 12 rounds in the whole best-of-three series.