20.04.2017 / Redmeer

II Qualification Stage - live!

Another qualification stage of GEFORCE CUP 2017 is on! 4 teams will fight for place in closed qualifier, transmitted live on 10 GEFORCE channels.

The stream of the II Qualification Stage will begin today at 8pm with the first semi-final match. Since all matches will be played in the best of one (BO1) system, the next match will take place around 9pm and the final one is scheduled for 10pm. GEFORCE CUP will be transmitted on 10 GEFORCE channels:

I Qualification Stage recap


In the first semi-final match, de_train happened to be the dueling ground for two Bulgarian teams: MK.eSports and Outlaws. The first half of the match was extremely close; despite winning the pistol round and executing a beginning with a good outlook on the future, MK have not managed to keep the advantage they achieved initially by losing the final rifle rounds to Outlaws (Terrorists). Until the very end of the standard time, only one point stood between two teams before the break. Excellent and dynamic plays from both sides led to the tiebreak; this part, however, belonged entirely to Mortal Kombat. Thanks to the team's experience and cool-headed approach, team 1 has not stood a chance of taking initiative, and match, ultimately, ended with 19:15 for MK, who got the promotion to the final and the closed qualification of GEFORCE CUP 2017.


The second semi-final match was a precious one for Polish fans, as PACT organization appeared on stage, and Overpass map turned to be their battleground against the team 1. Poles started as defending side, and since the very beginning of the match they encountered significantly aggressive attempts of seizing the bombsite B by players of studsmattor. Discrepancies in score grew like snowball, and only four points for PACT after 15 rounds did not seem impressive. Yet, after the change of sides Poles turned the tide and started to catch up. With no one expecting the match to last so long, PACT caught the momentum as Terrorists and only precious little stood between them and tiebreak. Their opponents, however, managed to close the game in the last round of the standard time, and the match ended with 16:14.


The prize for winning the final match was the more beneficial positioning in the closed group stage draw. The beginning of the struggle on Mirage was absolutely dominated by studsmattor; perfectly executed tactics of various type breached the defensive lines of MK.eSports whose future appeared grim. The first attempt for return of the Bulgarian team came with score of 0:8 and only a flawless finishing of the match might have saved the team from disaster. Terrorists, nevertheless, secured massive founds, what could have not been told about the AT. Studsmattor team dominated in every aspect of the game, and by the end of the first half they scored 11 points. A player of the MK team, Shemeta, became the hero of the second pistol round; in 1 vs 2 situation he did a splendid job with defending the bomb from the palace and ultimately secured the explosion. Such a success reduced the difference between the teams; the first rifle round, however, ended in favour of the Scandinavian team, which eventually lowered the chances of winning the match for MK to minimum. Admittedly, with the score at 15-7, MK defended two match rounds, but during the following one they bit more than they could chew; with their opponents holding their positions with pistols only, the series of hasty decisions cost MK the better positioning in the group stage, which finally got in the hands of studsmattor team.